Welcom to our website!
We are Lieke, Myra & Floor,
From the class VT1G from the Sondervick college.
by mathematics we had a project about robotics.
We have seen a video, and we went to the university to look at some robots. We have seen that there are many different types of robots, and that they can do many things.

Floor, Lieke and Myra!



09-01-08 we went to the TU in einhoven. We get there presentations about robots and also demostraions from what the have made. Lees verder...

The start of the robotica project

When we started with the robotica project, our mathematics teacher has explained us the binary system. this is a system with buttons from which you can make different combinations. The binary system is also the basis system of a computer. It works only with 0's and 1's.  This is how  the Binary system works:

0 0
1 1
10 2
11 3
100 4
101 5
110 6
111 7
1000 8
1001 9
1010 10











MSW logo

In the third period of the year we get 1 lesson in the week MSW logo. MSW logo belongs to the mathematics lessons. MSW logo is a program on the computer were you van make you own process to make a figure or something.

Lees verder...